Know what is Sport11 Promoter Plan?

Sport11 is a fantasy app for cricket lovers and it is the most genuine platform to invest your time and money. With sport11 you’ll find a good knowledge of how cricket works.

Sport11 allows you to pick up the specific players also from different playing teams and the winning one will be decided by the performance of the specific players who were chosen by the users.

Why choose sport11?

Sport11 gives you a unique platform to play fantasy cricket and allows you to showcase your expertise.  We have two different categories; choose which suits you.

  1. Promoter User:

Our special customers are our regular user, we have made their experience a bit easy than our regular user. We don’t classify the Status or anything else; We respect all customers, no matter where they belonged to. But we just care more about our special users. We will give you a assured Cash Bonus when you’ll become our promoter.

Sport11 Promoter

I. Every Contest Use 10 % Cash bonus

We’ll give you a 10% cash bonus on every contest you’ll participate in. Use your 10% cash bonus and participate in another similar contest.

II. Complete Milestone & Get Assured Cash bonus

We’ll set milestones for you and when you’ll reach there you’ll get assured cash bonus from us. We like you to play through us and we’re happy to help you win prizes.

III. Become a promoter Get 100 Rs. Cash bonus

Now when you’ve decided to become a promoter; we’d like to appreciate your decision and we’re offering you the 100% cash bonus.

IV. 50 Rs. Withdraw-able Amount

With each and Every referral you’ll get 50 Rs. Withdraw-able which will be transferred directly to your Bank account when you wish. You can withdraw this amount at your choice.

  2. Free Users

It doesn’t mean that we don’t care for our free users. We have something for you also.

I. Download & get 10 Rs. Cash bonus

We’ll welcome you with our full heart, and you’ll receive 10 rs. Cash bonus on the time when you’ll download our app and complete the registration process.

II. Play & Win in User Rewards

We’re having the unique fantasy platform that will entertain you for a long time. We know our customer and therefore we’ll give you the cash bonus which will please you.

So, what are you waiting for; download our app now. And show your expertise in the world of fantasy cricket.

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